Abyssal Berserkers! Mantic’s Dwarfs go a bit frothy!

March 24, 2011 by beerogre

Here’s a quick look at the forthcoming Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers unit and characters for Mantic’s Kings of War range.

Here’s the Champion…

Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers Champion

… and the full unit!

Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers Standard Bearer

What do you think guys?

Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers

While I’m not a Kings of War player, I think they look really good. I have a soft spot for the Duergar from D&D, so I might pick up a box to make a “Dark Dwarf” force for our studio D&D game.

But if you are a Kings of War player and you play Abyssal Dwarfs, tell us what these guys are like.

BoW Andy