Ronnie & Mantic Talk Kings Of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter!

November 5, 2014 by brennon

While Mantic Games have still been rather tight lipped as to the actual changes to the rules for Kings of War 2nd Edition and it’s upcoming Kickstarter they have talked about what will actually be involved in the campaign


Undead Art

Orc & Elves

The focus is aimed at bringing you the new rulebook with an entry level pledge that grabs you the hardback book, nice and simple. This will have all the information you’ll need to play the game and will even get itself a limited edition run. There will also be a soft cover ‘Battle Book’ that you’ll be able to take to the gaming table to save you lugging around some massive tome.

As well as that there will be pledge levels to get you started with a full on army from the range and as you might imagine with Mantic the stretch goals would offer up a whole host of new miniatures and extras. Check out the video from Ronnie too above!

The campaign will begin next week and run into December so not long to wait. It does make you think about where Warpath fits into ll of this though, if anywhere!

Will you be pledging?