Goblins Galore are on the Horizon for Mantic Games

July 6, 2012 by brennon

While I’m a Dwarf player and detest the sight of a Goblin I’m sure many of you will be eagerly waiting for the goblin release from Mantic Games this July. Well, here is a piece of concept art for the Goblin Hero model for Kings of War

Goblin Hero Concept Art

Who knew there was such thing as a heroic goblin? It does look like it will be a nice model though, drawing on that ‘sprite’ look that they have carried off across the range. Cruel and dangerous is the name of the game. For a quick recap of what else will be coming your way, check out these models…

Goblin Rabble

Goblin Sharpsticks

Goblin Spitters

Mawbeast Pack

War Trombone

So plenty to look forwards too if you’re a Goblin lover. There should be a hell of a lot of Fantasy being played over the summer and this could be your chance to dive in and start a new army of diminutive little terrors.

What do you make of the Goblin line so far?