New Kings Of War Units & A Worldwide Campaign Is Set!

November 21, 2014 by brennon

The Kings of War Kickstarter from Mantic Games has got to the point now with their stretch goals that they’re getting you set for the worldwide campaign! More on that a little later after we chat about new units!

Undead Necromancer

Dwarf Warsmith

Dwarf Long Rifles

As well as the Necromancer, Dwarf Warsmith and Long Rifles being on the cards there are also designs to make a whole bunch of different units for the various factions. See what you think of some of their ideas and give them some feedback. Mantic want to know what you think…


  • Fliers
  • Eagles & Giant Ravens
  • Stone Golems
  • Dwarf Runepriest/Sorcerer
  • Long Rifles

Forces of Nature

  • Wild Elves
  • War Hawks/Eagles
  • Witches
  • Elemental Caller
  • Shrine of Elements

Forces of the Abyss

  • Evil Humans
  • Beastmen
  • Abyssal War-Engine
  • Darkspawn
  • Imps

…and plenty more if you want to think up some different ideas. As well as all the new units they’ve also looked into the big worldwide campaign.

Mantica Map

“The Necromancer Lord Mortibris has ascended using the wisdom of Valandor, torn from the pages of his own Tome. The terrible power unleashed has sundered the very fabric of the world, creating a new outlet for the powers of the Abyss, spewing out the creatures of darkness to besmirch the world above. The good peoples of the world must unite in the face of this new threat, or face extinction.”

Wrath of the Abyss will be a full on campaign book giving you a full on story to fight through that will decide the fate of all of Mantica. Tying itself into the way that Dungeon Saga will play out the heroes didn’t manage to stop Mortibris from summoning the Demon Lord Ba’al and so his forces are coming from the Abyss to destroy all in their way.

When the campaign is launched it will involve an online app that allows you to input your results and decide the fate of all of Mantica.

What do you think?