Mantic’s Ogres Prove Just as Dangerous When Far Away

June 27, 2013 by dracs

Ogres, big bulky monsters monsters which could crush your head like a grape. But you’ll be OK as long as you stay out of arm’s reach, right? Wrong as the new Ogre Shooter Regiment is now available to pre-order from Mantic Games.

Ogre Shooter Regiment Blunderbuss

Yes the Ogres, which are to my mind some of the best troop miniatures in the Kings of War range so far, have been given some fire power. While that fire power might be crude it definitely packs a punch.

The really cool thing about Mantic’s Ogre Shooter Regiment is that you have different options as to just what sort of shooty weapon they’ll be lugging around with them, with the option to take either a blunderbuss or a massive crossbow.

Ogre Shooter Regiment Cross Bows

Massive monsters lugging around huge weapons of ranged devastation? What’s not to like? Unless of course you happen to be standing in front of them.