Mantic’s Word for a Group of Goblins? A Rabble of Course!

June 19, 2012 by brennon

Mantic Games have shown off some of the upcoming Kings of War Goblins ready to surge out to take over the world of Mantica. Check out the Rabble and Sharpsticks below…

Goblin Rabble

First up is the Goblin Rabble looking, well, rebellious? I really like the style of the Kings of War Goblins with this leaning more towards sprites and gremlins than say the Warhammer Fantasy ones. Nice mix of the comic and malicious.

Goblin Sharpsticks

Next up are the Sharpsticks. You can tell where they got their obviously original name from can’t you. Nice shield design and once again cool facial expressions on these Goblins. The range has an interesting old school feel to it too but matched with some pretty awesome painting on these preview models.

The Kickstarter Campaign is also nearly over. Make sure to make some last minute pledges.

Will you be taking Goblins as your troops of choice in Kings of War?