A peak at the Dwarf Ironguard

July 30, 2010 by lloyd

In this one Johno cracks open the Ironguard box to have a look at the tasty metal command squad within. With a commander, Musician, Standard Bearer and champions we suppose this would be compatible with any well know fantasy wargaming system – not that you KoW fans are gonna care come October ;)

The more we see of these Dwarf models the more we like the art direction they have taken. Yes there is a certain comic book style about them, but they are also mean as hell – we think in a straight fight between GW Dwarfs and These Guys the GW ones look a little well GIRLY ;)

So an interesting thing to keep in mind, Ronnie Renton was the brain behind Apocalypse in GW and almost single handedly pushed the Apocalypse project through, so you can tell he’s a fan of big models and big battles – I wonder how long before we start to see large war machines coming out of the Mantic studios? What would be on your wishlist?

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