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The Tech Monk Hovers & Ponders From KLUKVA Miniatures

42 days ago 9

The new Tech Monk is now available for you to snap up from KLUKVA Miniatures.

Twisted & Evil Warriors Come To Life From KLUKVA Miniatures

51 days ago 4

If you’re looking for some evil NPC characters for your next role-playing game, or indeed the leaders of a twisted warband on the tabletop then check out these new models from KLUKVA Miniatures.

Protect The Objective With Hugo From KLUKVA Miniatures

71 days ago 12

KLUKVA Miniatures has a new release for their range of Sci-Fi heroes. This latest project, Hugo, has come together to produce a familiar looking Engineer who loves tinkering with his turret.

The Mech Monk Floats In Peace From Klukva Miniatures

101 days ago 8

Klukva Miniatures show off another of their upcoming Sci-Fi miniatures which may or not be familiar to a few of you. See what you think of the Mech Monk…

Doom & Demons Await KLUKVA Miniatures Next Year

155 days ago 3

KLUKVA Miniatures have previewed some of the plans for what’s coming next year. Well, to be more specific they showed off the DOOM coming their way when 2017 rolls around.

KLUKVA Miniatures Release Samuel & Helga

231 days ago 3

KLUKVA Miniatures have been tinkering around on some new sculpts. The first of these will be familiar to those of you who like your Overwatch. Take a look at Samuel within.

Klukva’s Mighty Sword Wielding Hero Coming Soon

364 days ago 11

Do you have the Guts to face off against this Berserk looking swordsman from Klukva Miniatures?

New Fantasy Heroes & A WIP From Klukva Miniatures

430 days ago 2

Klukva Miniatures have a few miniatures on their website now which would be good for your adventuring parties. Kicking things off we have the Necromantress.

Klukva Miniatures Create Busts Of Bounty Hunters & Mages

605 days ago 6

If you’re in the mood to paint up some well loved characters from Polish literature then see what you think of Beralt and Beatriss from Klukva Miniatures who are a new Russian company…