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Harry Potter Miniatures Game Get Its Own Page On The Knight Models Website

3 days ago 14

Knight Models continues to torture Harry Potter fans worldwide with a new teaser page on their site.

Forget The Batmobile, Take A Ride In Knight Model’s Jokermobile!

7 days ago 17

Knight Models has shown off another of the big Arkham Knight releases coming your way soon for their DC Universe Miniatures Game and Batman Miniatures Game. Here we have the Jokermobile which shows up towards the later half of the video game when Batman isn’t quite in the right state of mind…

Supergirl Leads A Cast Of New DC Heroes & Villains From Knight Models

15 days ago 17

Knight Models has announced their selection of releases for this month. We’re starting off with the additions to the DC Universe Game with Supergirl making an appearance alongside Aquaman.

Aquaman Stats Spotted For DC Universe Miniatures Game

16 days ago 2

King of fish, trying to convince them not to get salt in his beer, Aquaman has been spotted for Knight Models’ DC Universe Game. You can check out his stats as the card was previewed on social media this week.

Pre-Order Knight Models’ New Campaign Book & Get The Arkham Knight

28 days ago 10

When the pre-orders open for the new Arkham Knight Campaign Book, as part of the Batman Miniatures Game, by Knight Models you will get yourself a copy of the Arkham Knight himself along with three different head options.

Professor Pyg’s Twisted Mania Comes To Batman Miniatures Game

29 days ago 6

Knight Models have published a preview of a new gang for the Batman Miniatures Game, led by the manic genius of Professor Pyg.

Knight Models Preview The Witch With The Skills, Hermione Granger

32 days ago 8

Keeping the hype train fuelled the folks at Knight Models previewed Hermione Granger from the upcoming Harry Potter Miniature game.

Arkham Knight Campaign Book Coming Soon For Knight Model’s Batman

37 days ago 5

Knight Models has teased the release of the new Arkham Knight Campaign Book coming soon for their Batman Miniatures Game. It looks like we’re going to get a whole bunch of awesome vehicles coming to the tabletop!

Snape Joins The Cast For Knight Model’s Harry Potter Game

40 days ago 10

Snape is the latest character to join the cast for Knight Model’s upcoming Harry Potter Miniatures Game. See what you think…

Knight Models No Longer Creating Marvel Universe Miniatures

44 days ago 24

The announcement today came through that Knight Models will no longer be making/selling miniatures for their Marvel Universe Game.

Green Lantern Joins The Justice League From Knight Models

51 days ago 8

Knight Models builds on both its Batman Miniatures Game and DC Universe collection with a host of new heroes and villains.

The Riddler Returns To Knight Models With A New Crew

52 days ago 14

Knight Models are coming out with another version of The Riddler, accompanied by a new gang of goons.

Sirius Black Joins The Ranks Of The Harry Potter Miniature Game

57 days ago 9

Knight Models continues to tease us with images of the miniatures for their upcoming Harry Potter Miniature Game, and they do not disappoint. Have a look at the fantastic likeness for Sirius Black!

Check Out Knight Models’ Wickedly Wonderful Bellatrix For Harry Potter!

71 days ago 14

If you like to play the baddies, there’s few that measure up to the manical, Bellatrix Lestrange. Knight Models have shown off their spot on sculpt for the evil woman for their upcoming, Harry Potter Miniatures Game.

The Potterverse’s Mad Eye Moody Takes Shape From Knight Models!

78 days ago 17

Knight Models has shown off the first miniature from their upcoming Harry Potter range which will be coming later this year. Meet Mad Eye Moody!