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A Death Eater Dons Their Mask At Knight Models

14 hours ago 4

Knight Models have shown off a preview for the Death Eater miniature which will be serving Lord Voldemort’s schemes in the upcoming Harry Potter miniatures game.

Knight Models Welcomes Gorilla Grodd & More With This Month’s Releases

10 days ago 10

Knight Models has welcomed a new raft of releases to their webstore for the Batman Miniatures Game and the DC Universe Miniatures Game too.

Knight Models Bring The Bat-Mite To Gen Con

12 days ago 5

Knight Models have a new limited edition model they will be bringing with them to GenCon; the world’s smallest Batman fan (other than me), Bat-Mite.

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Update & Guild Ball's Blacksmiths Explored

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Update & Guild Ball’s Blacksmiths Explored

23 days ago 42

Let’s get stuck into a big show…

Take To Brooms As Knight Models Preview A Death Eater For Harry Potter

26 days ago 5

It looks like brooms are certainly going to be thrown into the mix for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game by Knight Models as they previewed a Death Eater atop one this week.

Wonder Woman & The Amazons Lead The Way For Knight Models In July

30 days ago 11

Making her way onto the tabletop for the end of June and beginning of July Knight Models has sculpted up a great version of Wonder Woman for you to use in the DC Universe Miniatures Game.

Knight Model’s Parliament Of Owls Assembles To Take Down Batman

32 days ago 5

Knight Models has assembled a new preview of what’s coming soon to the Batman Miniatures Game. Here we have the Parliament Of Owls, each of them seeking to take Batman’s head.

The Court Of Owls Previewed For The Batman Miniatures Game

44 days ago 5

The first rules for the Court Of Owls has been previewed by Knight Models for their Batman Miniatures Game.

Knight Models Offer Up Prize For DC Universe Tournament Games

45 days ago 12

From June 20th you will be able to get involved in some Organised Play events at your local store for the DC Universe Miniatures Game by Knight Models and maybe win yourself an exclusive model.

ICv2 Gets Look At Lucius Malfoy & More For Harry Potter Game

53 days ago 10

Continuing to build on their previews for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game that is coming later this year, Knight Models let ICv2 show off a sneak peek at Lucius Malfoy and more…

Superman Faces A Rogues Gallery Of His Foes From Knight Models

60 days ago 10

Superman is part of the new releases for May by Knight Models for their DC Universe Game. However, he isn’t alone as he is now facing off against some of his more fearsome foes and his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor.

Harry, Ron & Hermione Previewed For Knight Model’s Miniatures Game

62 days ago 13

Knight Models revealed more of the characters from their Harry Potter Miniatures Game to MuggleNet this weekend as they showed off the previously unseen Harry and Ron.

Lord Voldemort Weaves His Wicked Spells From Knight Models

72 days ago 20

Lord Voldemort himself is the next preview from Knight Models for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game. He Who Must Not Be Named is looking rather deadly, summoning up dark magic to bring his enemies low!

Lex Corp Stamps Its Mark On Knight Model’s DC & Batman Games

79 days ago 15

In another cool preview of what awaits for the world of the Batman Miniatures Game and the DC Universe Miniatures Game, it looks like Knight Models has called upon Lex Corp to get involved.

Darkseid & Shazam Join The New DC Universe Releases By Knight Models

94 days ago 11

We’re getting stuck into the full roster of releases from Knight Models for this month as we look at their expanded range of characters for the DC Universe Game and the Batman Miniatures Game.