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The Robber Baron Joins A Cast Of Knuckleduster Characters

28 days ago 1

Knuckleduster Miniatures have added to their Wild West range with the release of the Mining/Robber Baron who will be stealing money from the townsfolk no doubt!

There’s A New Undertaker In Town From Knuckleduster Miniatures

37 days ago 1

There’s a new undertaker coming to the wild west from Knuckleduster Miniatures. Mr. Headstone will be happy to provide a final resting place for the dearly (some much less dear than others) departed.

Knuckleduster Miniatures Shows Off The Gunslinging Bass Reeves

42 days ago Comments Off

Knuckleduster Miniatures has done it again, and delivered another fantastic face from the West – Bass Reeves.

Knuckleduster Added Some Townsfolk & Trouble For The Wild West

62 days ago 2

Lots of new faces have arrived for your Wild West have arrived from Knuckleduster Miniatures. Whether you need friendlies for the saloon, or banditos to cause trouble, they’ve got you covered.

Knuckleduster Miniatures Sculpt Up A New Bandito

71 days ago 2

Knuckleduster Miniatures have shown off another render for their Wild West range. This time we have the Bandito ready to start raiding and stealing cattle…

Knuckleduster’s Next Wild West Character Gets Lucky

82 days ago Comments Off

Knuckleduster Miniatures have added a rather quirky new character to their range. Are you as lucky as Lucky Larue?

Knuckleduster Sculpt Up A Money Grubbing Baron For The Old West

98 days ago 2

Knuckleduster Miniatures have shared the render work for one of their upcoming projects, the Money Grubbing Baron.

Knuckleduster’s Stumpy Stumbles Around The Wild West

142 days ago 2

Knuckleduster always have their eye on some fun characters for their Wild West range and their latest preview showed off Stumpy…

A Few New Characters Mosey Into The West From Knuckleduster

167 days ago 1

There’s new new faces walking into the wild West from Knuckleduster Miniatures.These 32mm sculpts are just what you need to help tell some interesting stories in your games!

Special Tightrope Walker Mini For AdeptiCon Malifaux Story Encounter

219 days ago 4

A Wyrd circus is coming to town, and its activities will be highlighted in the Malifaux Story Encounter at Adepticon on April 3rd. Participants will receive a fantastic event exclusive Tightrope Walker miniature, courtesy of Knuckleduster Miniatures.

Knuckleduster Come Out Swinging With Bat Materson

230 days ago Comments Off

If you ever wanted to find a proper Victorian gentleman to drop into your Wild West games then look no further than this chap, Bat Materson, from Knuckleduster Miniatures…

Knuckleduster Reveal The Dangerous Big Nose Kate

248 days ago 2

Knuckleduster Miniatures have continued to add to their character series for the Wild West with Doc’s companion known as Big Nose Kate. She might seem like a damsel in distress but she’s a mean hand shot with that revolver of hers…

New Faces For The Gunfighter’s Ball Line From Knuckleduster

264 days ago 2

A wagonful of new folks have landed themselves in the West, courtesy of Knuckleduster Miniatures. There’s new Gunslingers and Bystanders from the Gunfighter’s Ball line, ready for you to add to your battles or dioramas.

Knuckleduster Go Crazy With Wild West Dynamite Dick

267 days ago 1

Knuckleduster Miniatures have another preview for a character in their Wild West range. This time things move into the world of the crazy with the obviously mad Dynamite Dick. I’m getting shades of Red Dead Redemption again…

Knuckleduster Miniatures Welcome Pa To Dodge City

287 days ago Comments Off

Knuckleduster Miniatures have shared the work that’s going into another civilian who lives in Dodge City. Here we have Pa who is an old rancer who will be available in both 28mm and 32mm scales…