Knuckleduster Show Off A Pair of Gunslinging Gals

November 9, 2016 by dracs

Knuckleduster Miniatures have published a pair of previews for a set of female gunfighters facing off in the Wild West.

Woman With Pistol

This first sculpt shows a woman striding forwards in the act of firing her revolver. There is a lot of confidence with this sculpt and the way she is hitching her skirt up to help her move is an especially nice touch to the stance.

Following on from this, we have a woman who is slightly less confidant in her gun fighting abilities.

Woman With Smith And Wesson

She’s holding that Smith and Wesson like she’s more afraid of it than whoever she’s pointing it at!

I love this sculpt as it does show that not everyone in the wild west is going to be a gunslinging desperado and would make for an excellent addition to a saloon shoot out scenario.

Which of these two might you let join your posse?

"She's holding that Smith and Wesson like she's more afraid of it than whoever she's pointing it at!"