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Kromlech Cover Your Bases In Burned Earth


Kromlech have released a new basing accessory to place your miniatures on Burned Earth.

Kromlech Give Their Chaos Crew Menacing Maces


Kromlech have released a new set of Chaos Legionary Maces for when subtlety just won’t get the job done.

Kromlech Zip Off On Hunter Pattern Jump Packs


Kromlech have released their Hunter Pattern Jump Packs to send their Legionaries soaring over the battlefield.

Kromlech Add To Their Dvergr Commando Line


Kromlech has unveiled their new Dvergr Commando Medic.

Kromlech Add New HDF Glyphs To Their Range


New HDF Glyphs let you add a touch of flair to your factions

Kromlech Raise Banners In The Name Of Chaos


Kromlech have released new banners for the chaotic forces of the future to carry to battle.

Hear The Whirr Of Blades From Kromlech’s New Kopta Kan


What’s better than a Killer Kan? Well, how about if you added some rotor blades to the top and sent it careering across the battlefield causing utter havoc as a Kopta Kan by Kromlech?

An Orc Vehicle Crew Crashes Kromlech


Kromlech have released three new orcs to crew your greenskin vehicles.

Raise A Bottle To Kromlech’s Latest Releases


Kromlech have released a new range of game accessories for you to give a bottle of something to your thirsty miniatures.

Kromlech Reveals New Legionary Banners


When it comes to fantastic kit bashing options, Kromlech has you covered. Now you can march your armies into battle proudly with their fantastic 28mm banners!