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Kromlech Keep Track With Vehicle Hull Point Markers

5 days ago 0

Kromlech have come out with two coloured sets of markers to help you keep an eye on the hull points of your vehicles.

Litter The Ground With Human Skulls From Kromlech

17 days ago 2

Kromlech shows off some more little bitz that they’ve put together for use on your bases and other terrain pieces.

Blast Then Barbecue With Kromlech’s Thunder Gun

35 days ago 6

Kromlech have expanded their armoury with the release of their new dual purpose Thunder Gun with attached Heavy Flame Thrower.

Give Your Guardsmen Even More Character With New Bits From Kromlech

47 days ago 3

Kromlech has just found another way for you to add character and variety to your 28mm minis. The Guardsmen Veteran Heads can quickly change up the look and feel of your minis with an easy head swap.

Kromlech Give Your Transport A Big Gun With New Turret

56 days ago 1

Building on the heavy weapon options for your army we’re moving on to a vehicle accessory from Kromlech. This time, it’s the APC Turret featuring a Lascannon and Plasma Gun.

Kromlech’s Orcs Protect Their Faces With Evil Iron Masks

75 days ago 8

Kromlech is switching things up today and looking at some Sci-Fi accessories for your Orcs. This time, we’re checking out the Iron Mask Heads for their Orcs.

Kromlech Melt Flesh From Bone With Their Magma Cannon

78 days ago 4

Continuing with their array of different heavy weaponry for your Space Legionnaires Kromlech have now added the Magma Cannon to their webstore.

Punch Holes In Tanks With Kromlech’s Legionary Lascannon

82 days ago 3

Another weapon option has become available from the folks at Kromlech as you outfit your Space Knights of the far future. This time, we have the Legionary Lascannon.

Melt Your Foes With The New Kromlech Plasma Cannon

91 days ago 2

If you’re looking to turn vehicles into slag and blast holes in the defences of your enemies then see what you make of the Kromlech Legionary Plasma Cannon.

Kromlech’s Legionaries Ride Their New Breacher Bikes

96 days ago 14

Kromlech have a new bike option for the legionaries of the future, the track based Breacher Bike.

Kromlech Shows Off Some Fantastic New Torsos

105 days ago 9

Kitbashing has never been so cool! Kromlech is showing off their latest bits, the Sons of Thor Torsos, to add some god-like details to your minis.

Kromlech Bring A Knife To The Table

111 days ago 15

Kromlech have released a new modelling knife for you to use when assembling and sculpting your miniatures.

Kromlech Guard The Perimeter With Two New Sentry Guns

118 days ago 2

Kromlech have released a pair of new Legionary Sentry Guns to tighten your defensive line and give your soldiers more heavy fire power to back them up.

Kromlech’s Orc Incinerator Team Heats Things Up

153 days ago 5

There are few things a good orc likes more than a bit of pyromania and Kromlech’s latest team of greenskin great-coated specialists are ready to set the battle field on fire.

Kromlech Arm Your Orcs With More Bladed Cybernetics

166 days ago 2

Kromlech have come out with yet more mechanical arms for your orcs, though this time they have gone for a far more brutish approach in cybernetic weaponry.