Kromlech Greatcoat Up For Their Mysterious Preview

September 5, 2014 by dracs

Kromlech have come out with two new arm options for your greatcoat clad orcs, letting them carry whatever they want, especially if what they want happens to be grenades.

Orc Greatcoat Arms

These cool greatcoat arms allow you a few more options and variations when it comes to kitting out your orcs.

However, it is a mysterious sneak peek that Kromlech have put out that has my attention…

Kromlech Teaser

Just what could this be? Some sort of orc war machine, surely, but that doesn’t narrow it down much given what their minds can dream up. Is it some sort of primitive missile? Is it a giant grabby claw? Tell me Kromlech!

What do you think it is that Kromlech are hinting at?

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