A New Orc Commander Runs Out of Kromlech

October 3, 2014 by dracs

New orc releases are simply running out of Kromlech, at the head of which comes a new greenskin commander.

Skargut Ironfist Orc Commander

Skargut Ironfist is more your typical orc commander than the one that Kromlech recently teased us with, obviously ready to get to the fray and not about to let a thing like missing limbs stop him.

If your orcs would struggle to keep up with Skargut don’t worry as Kromlech have also released a set of Orc Running Bodies.

Running Orc Bodies

These bodies are enough to give you a full unit charging headlong at the enemy’s ranks. This would be the perfect way to model a blood-maddened melee unit, rushing ahead as the rest of the army follows on behind, guns blazing.

Think these new releases will run their way into your army?

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