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Laser Dream Works Has A New Piratical Ship Underway

95 days ago 13

There’s no better way to pretty up a pirate game than through the addition of a ship or two. Laser Dream Works has a new prototype underway for a stunning 28mm pirate ship!

Print Your Own Fortress With The Vauban Fortress Kickstarter

444 days ago 12

Looking for a fortress? How about printing your own? With the Vauban Fortress Kickstarter you can!

Stunning 10mm Ships On The Horizon From Laser Dream Works

723 days ago 4

Sometimes when you hear the call to take to the high seas, you just go. But the rest of the time, you have to capture the feel of the high seas with beautiful ships, like the ones in the works from Laser Dream Works.

Ships Take To The Seas In Expansion From DGS! Free Captains!

889 days ago 7

Plenty of miniature gaming will occur on the high seas next week at the 2015 Adepticon. DGS Games has teamed up with Laser Dream Works to take the game Freeblades to the seas!