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Check Out How Laser Terrain Co’s Kit Looks On The Tabletop

591 days ago 5

Laser Terrain Co have put together a video showing off what their terrain looks like under bright lights on a regular gaming table.

Weekender: Warlord's Battle Plans & The Stygmata RPG Kickstarter

Weekender: Warlord’s Battle Plans & The Stygmata RPG Kickstarter

623 days ago 233

Join us for The Weekender where
we have some fantastic
terrain to show off,
an interview with
John Stallard AND
a big EDEN prize!

Light Up Your Sci-Fi Game With Kickstarter From Laser Terrain Co.

626 days ago 10

Just when you thought a corridor was a corridor, Laser Terrain Co has found a way to make your sci fi scene even more out of this world! Now you can game in back lit sci fi corridors with the Tabletop Wargaming Terrain System on Kickstarter.

New Underlit Plastic Kits Coming Out Of Laser Terrain Co.

670 days ago 10

Laser Terrain Co. are working on a range of very interesting terrain which is plastic and requires no painting but with the flick of a switch adds a new level of Sci-Fi lighting to your tabletop. See what you think of it…