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Laser Cut Card Show Off Progress On The Shrine

300 days ago 4

Laser Cut Card have been showing off some preview work going into The Shrine, a large Sci-Fi building which would find a good home in the grim dark future.

The CASSPIR Gets Up Update From Laser Cut Card

305 days ago 1

The CASSPIR, an infantry transport vehicle from Laser Cut Card, is now getting an update from them. Check out the new version of it within…

LaserCutCard Tinker Away On New Gunship & APC

316 days ago 6

You can do some rather awesome stuff with card these days and LaserCutCard have been showing off their work with this excellent looking Gunship.

Work In A Sci-Fi Office With LaserCutCard’s Futurehab Building

880 days ago 5

Fight in a Sci-Fi business park with the coming of some new buildings to the LaserCutCard range. I think these would be great for snipers!

LaserCutCard Test Fit Their Wasp Gunship For The Battlefield

883 days ago 3

The LZ is hot as the folks at LaserCutCard test fit their Wasp Flyer for an extraction on the battlefield. Would you pick this up?