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The Astropolis Crew Now Available From Lead Adventure!

265 days ago 3

I absolutely loved this range when it appeared on Kickstarter from Lead Adventure, telling a fascinating story of the normal folk who headed out into space. The Astropolis Crew are now available to pick up from their webstore!

Lead Adventure’s Astropolis Kickstarter Heads Into Final Week

313 days ago 2

The quirky aliens and humans of Lead Adventure’s Astropolis will be available on Kickstarter for another seven days before the campaign draws to a close.

Journey To The Stars With Astropolis, Lead Adventure’s New Kickstarter

335 days ago 8

If you’re looking for a nice range of Sci-Fi characters to use in your skirmish and role-playing games then see what you think of Lead Adventures’ Astropolis range which is now on Kickstarter.

Sausage Guards Stick A Fork In You From Lead Adventure

423 days ago 1

Recently sculpted up by Igor Karpov the folks at Lead Adventure showed off some additional characters coming soon to the world of Bruegelburg.

Lead Adventure Preview A Pompous Knight For Bruegelburg

448 days ago 0

Lead Adventure Miniatures are continuing to grow their Bruegelburg range with this rather ostentatious looking Knight. He could be a worthy leader (or a hated commander) for an army of rag tag soldiers.

Weekender XLBS: Next Halo Space Game Revealed, More Tanks Info & Mega Terrain Chat

Weekender XLBS: Next Halo Space Game Revealed, More Tanks Info & Mega Terrain Chat

514 days ago 107

Lead Adventure Charge Out With New Bruegelburg Knights

639 days ago 2

Lead Adventure have put together a new set of miniatures to help build up their Bruegelburg range. See what you think of their Knights, resplendent in incredibly detailed armour and on heavy chargers…

Lead Adventures Send Out Their Fourth Wave of Steampunk Creations

927 days ago 4

The fourth wave of Lead Adventures’ steampunk minis have been released on their webstore, providing gamers of Victorian Romance with a new selection of robots and female fighters.

Colourful Steampunk Gunslingers are Coming from Lead Adventure

944 days ago 2

It has been a while since we last heard from Lead Adventure, but now it seems like they are gearing up to their first release of the year with two colourful lady gun fighters appearing in the upcoming Steam-Punk LAM additions.

Some New Dwarves Go On A Lead Adventure

1163 days ago 0

Lead Adventure have expanded their range of fantasy dwarves with a new selection of adventurers to bring with you on your quest.

Lead Adventure Add Some Exploding Pigs To The Mix!

1178 days ago 3

Lead Adventure have some pigs and horses for you to use with your tabletop farmyard. Or, you could start blowing things sky high with powder pigs!

Lead Adventure Cart Out Some New Accessories for Bruegelburg

1303 days ago 2

Rejoice ye villagers of Lead Adventure’s Bruegelburg range for they have brought out a whole bunch of new terrain accessories, including carts, barrels and sacks.

Lead Adventure Reveal Their Squat Tolstings

1346 days ago 3

Lead Adventure have been delving into literature for their newest selection of characters, the Tolstings.

Lead Adventure’s Detectives are on the Case

1387 days ago 0

A pair of gun toting sleuths are taking on the investigation at Lead Adventure, with deer stalkers, bowler hats and steam punk style weaponry. It’s elementary really.

A New Wave Makes Its Way To Lead Adventure’s Bruegelburg

1402 days ago 0

Lead Adventure show off some newcomers to the world of Bruegelburg. These fellows have bags of character!