Gun Fighters Of All Shapes & Sizes From Lead Adventure

January 28, 2013 by brennon

Lead Adventure are continuing the pace when it comes to the previews of their upcoming models. Both their Fantasy and Sci-Fi range are getting  a boost it seems with a pair of very different gun fighters…

Gatling Gun Soldier

Mercenary Gun Fighter

I’m not entirely sure if this would be sportsmanlike but I reckon the man with the Gatling Gun would win in this particular duel. I do suppose it would come down to whether or not the Mercenary Gun Fighter was a good shot and didn’t have to reload!

Both are looking great as always with the Gatling Gun wielder being a perfect fit for a Sci-Fi skirmish game like Necromunda for example. The Gun Fighter to continue the theme wouldn’t look out of place in Mordheim.

What do you think of this duo?