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Snap Up Level 7 Extreme Prejudice Now From Privateer Press

492 days ago 3

The new expansion for Level 7 [Omega Protocol] is now available for you to snap up from Privateer Press. Extreme Prejudice takes you to a new location and has you teaming up with unlikely allies and mounting up in powered armour…

Weekender XLBS: How Hung Up On Rules Do We Have To Be?

Weekender XLBS: How Hung Up On Rules Do We Have To Be?

516 days ago 118

Join us for a relaxing Sunday where
we can sit back and chat about
what we’ve been working
on this week…

Face The New Foes Of Level 7: Omega Protocol – Extreme Prejudice

522 days ago 5

Privateer Press have been showing off some of the new models that are coming to the next step for Level 7: Omega Protocol in Extreme Prejudice. Their latest models couldn’t be more different in their approach to combat it seems with both The Brute and The Ghin Commando…

Privateer Press Launch Their Level 7 [Invasion]!

1030 days ago 1

Dive back into the world of Level 7 with the release of the board game from Privateer Press called Invasion! Will you be able to stop humanity falling to an alien menace?

September 2014 Marks The Start Of Level 7 [Invasion]!

1072 days ago 5

Get yourself prepped for the world of Level 7 [Invasion] with both a tutorial video and the full rules available to check out for the game. Oh and it’s all hitting September 2014!

Privateer Brief You For Level 7 [Omega Protocol] Mission!

1366 days ago 1

See what you think of Privateer Presses run down of the rules and gameplay aspects within Level 7 [Omega Protocol].

Review Preview: Level 7 [Escape] From Privateer Press

Review Preview: Level 7 [Escape] From Privateer Press

1492 days ago 4

Justin has just picked up Level 7 [Escape] from Privateer Press so he’s grabbed Mike to see just what this creepy game is all about. Will they approve of this hauntingly horrifying survival game?

The Fight Continues With Level 7 [Omega Protocol]

1500 days ago 0

Check out some more details and the cover art for Level 7 [Omega Protocol]. What do you think of this latest expansion that delves into the depths of Subterra Bravo.