Lightseekers: Booster Draft Mode Explained

April 9, 2018 by dignity

Fancy an exciting new way to play the Lightseekers trading card game from Play Fusion? Then check out our Booster Draft Mode video!

Lightseekers: Booster Draft Mode Explained

In case you’ve missed them check out our previous videos to see how to play the game with starter decks and custom starter decks.

In this mode each player gets 5 booster packs, opens one, and chooses one of the cards to keep. The rest of the pack is passed to the person on their left who will pick one card and pass the remaining cards to the person on their left, and so on until all the cards have been picked out. Everyone opens the next booster pack, chooses a card, then passes it to the right this time. The process repeats, alternating direction with each new pack, until all the booster packs have been distributed.

With this selection of cards each player can now construct their deck. Unlike standard play you are allowed two heroes, as many combos and duplicates as you like, and all heroes have basic access to ALL elements.

Who do you think has made the best deck?