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What Are Your Thoughts On Lion Tower’s Stalwart Paladin?

90 days ago 8

Lion Tower Miniatures completed their awesome Fantasy Adventurers Kickstarter a few months ago and The Hairy Painter is sculpting up one of their heroes

Go Adventuring With Lion Tower’s Heroic Warriors & Wizards

174 days ago 13

Lion Tower Miniatures are now on Kickstarter looking for funding for their new range of Human Adventurers for use in Dungeons & Dragons and beyond. Standing at 32mm scale and cast in resin they are looking like a fine bunch of heroes.

Lion Tower Miniatures Look Towards A Heroic Kickstarter

187 days ago 6

Launching on February 24th, Lion Tower Miniatures are going to be hitting Kickstarter with a range of 32mm scale resin Adventurers.