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LITKO Show Off Impressive New Warhammer 40K Accessories


LITKO have been doing some excellent work with plastic and lasers over the last few years and they have not disappointed with their new Warhammer 40,000 accessories.

LITKO Scares Up Some Spooky Gaming Aids


Litko Game Accessories has scared up a couple of spooky gaming aids to help set the mood for your game night.

LITKO Organise Your Fleet Battles With New Counters & Dials


LITKO are once again doing their bit to make battling in the far reaches of space a little less confusing as they have come out with a new selection of Fleet Wars dials and counters.

LITKO Adds Colour To Your Games With Special Counters


Are your games getting a little too serious? Is the fun gone? Add some humorous tokens to the game table.

LITKO Sort Out Tokens For Age Of Sigmar Players


Tired of remembering all of those conditions and abilities in Age of Sigmar? It looks like LITKO will be trying to ease the pain with a new set of tokens coming soon.

Litko Previews New Dice Flight Stands


Litko is releasing some more options for accessories in flight stands.

Show the Force is With You Using LITKO’s Star Wars Initiative Marker


LITKO have come out with quite a nice little stylised initiative marker for use in Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Litko Bases Leave Your Beasts Going in Circles


Litko have just released two new large scale circular bases that will be perfect to help put your monstrous beasties on the appropriately shaped bases for the game you use them in.

Are Litko Bringing Counters to Game of Thrones?


Litko have published a picture on their Facebook of some new counters that feature some very familiar designs. Are Litko joining in on the Game of Thrones?

LITKO Fight In Your Name with Personalised Dragon Wing Gauges


LITKO have released new manoeuvre gauges for Dragon Wing that you can have personalised to carry your name so your opponents will know just who it was who beat them.

LITKO Make Markers for D&D Attack Wing


LITKO have announced that they will soon be bringing out a new range of themed markers to help you in your games of D&D Attack Wing.

LITKO Come Out With Plastic Counters to Aid Your Gothic Conquest


LITKO have released a new range of Gothic plastic counters, featuring enough skulls to sate any Warhammer 40k fan.

LITKO Mount Up Your RPG Characters on New Creatures


LITKO have had a range of character mount tokens for a while now, giving you a useful set to show your character model mounted without having to buy a new mini entirely. Now it looks like they are preparing to expand this with even more creatures.

LITKO Keep Track of Dropzone Tokens & Templates


LITKO have released a new selection of tokens and templates that are compatible with the Dropzone Commander gaming system, letting youkeep track of all those buildings you just blew up.

Roll in Spooky Style With LITKO’s Halloween Dice Tower


LITKO will be coming out with a special dice tower this Halloween, a Jack-O-Lantern to help theme your dice rolling for your spooky seasonal sessions.

LITKO Seal the Gates to the Elder Gods with Tentacular Tokens


Don’t you just hate it when you’re in Arkham for the holidays and suddenly gates open everywhere spilling out eldritch horrors onto the streets? LITKO seem to agree as they have come out with a new selection of Sealed Gate Tokens for your games.

LITKO Light Your Way In The Dark Dungeons With Lanterns


Delve deep and shed some light on your discoveries with these new Lantern Bearer Markers from LITKO.

Keep Track of LITKO’s Upcoming Trackers


LITKO have previewed a bunch of new gaming accessories to help you in your various games, the most interesting of which is their new tracking dials.

LITKO Suffer a Couple of Casualties


LITKO have come out with some new markers to help you keep an eye on when a mini has snuffed it.

LITKO Mark Out Your Fantasies


LITKO have released a new selection of markers to help you keep track of the various developments happening in your epic fantasy conflicts.