Live Rounds: Battle Reports You’re Part Of

May 25, 2012 by brennon

If you were watching our latest episode of Turn 8 then you might have heard about our exciting new concept to unleash Battle Reports Live so that you can join in. Well, since we love the community aspect of wargaming we thought it best to see what you think of this idea going forwards and give you an opportunity to have some input…

Live Rounds Logo Preview

Speculatively this is how the process will work…

Fridays: Announce the Armies

On a Friday we will announce the armies that will be taking part in the Battle Report. As you may know the first one is going to be centered around Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition (our last game in the current Edition!) but as time goes on we will explore plenty of other systems.

This then gives you guys (the people that really matter) a whole weekend to discuss META!!!!! and give us your take on plans and strategies while also speculating (and advising) on the army lists that will ultimately take to the battlefield.

Monday: Army List Announcement

Mondays will herald in a day of looking through the Amy Lists each side has gone for. Some of you may even see your suggestions from the weekend mixed in!

Tuesday: Mission Parameters & Board

On the Tuesday we’ll give you a sneak peek of the Board we’ll be using as well as a run down of the Mission each side will be undertaking and of course any mission specific rules we introduce.

Wednesday then becomes a hive of activity where the Armies have been announced, Lists organised and the Board ready for battle. You will have access to forums dedicated to tactics and maybe even a bit of smack talking in the run up to the event…

Thursday: Live Rounds!

Thursday is the big event. Starting in the evening (if you have any suggestions on the time let us know below!) we’ll get the cameras fired up and the armies primed and ready for action. Both players will be fighting it out while a devious Presenter and his shrewd Commentator take your suggestions and comments via Twitter and of course the Live Chat. We might even get a few of you to Skype in and voice your suggestions!

Friday: Fallout

After all that excitement its always good to have a wind down and a little bit of a discussion about ‘what could have been…’. The forums will be ready so you can talk through all your highlights from a night of gaming and argue with Darrell over where exactly he should have put his Long Fangs!

So there you have it. That’s a quick run down of what we’re thinking when it comes to Live Rounds. As I mentioned at the beginning we love the community spirit Beasts of War has and this is your chance to give feedback on the process and how we might shape the best experience for you.

…there’s even the possibility some of YOU might be able to come over and get a Battle Report of your favourite system on the show!

Drop us a comment below and lets see if we can make this a brilliant event!