Chris Handley
Friday 12

Ritualising Bleed, V5 Q&A, World of Slavic Folklore, and the Russian WoD Community

There are plenty of seminars today. The big one will be the Vampire the Masquerade 5th ed Q&A which I am sure will generate some lively discussion, both regard to the setting and game mechanics.

We will also be attending the seminars covering Bleed, and Slavic Folklore. The European nature of this fan convention means fans from a diverse section of the world can come and talk about their games. The Slavic Folklore seminar will cover how such myths and legends fit into their games.

Bleed in larp is where your in game experience flows into your real world experiences, and how you can learn from them.

We will also be interviewing Natali Manzurenko about the Russian speaking WoD community, and how Russian and the USSR are presented in the World of Darkness games.