Cavatore’s The Tarot Of Loka Has Gone Live!

November 15, 2013 by brennon

River Horse have teased this for a few weeks now and The Tarot of Loka has gone live on Kickstarter! This new card game based in Alessio Cavatore’s fantasy world (that did well on Kickstarter itself!) looks very nice indeed.

Loka Tarot Card Fan


As you can see the artwork is looking phenomenal and it comes from Ralph Horsley who has been doing artwork for various game systems, including Dungeons & Dragons, for years now. He has a great pedigree and it really brings the game to life. However that is where the Kickstarter comes in. They need to raise the funds to pay for all the beautiful artwork that goes into this game!

Loka Tarot

As you can see above the game has got most of the basics but it is missing plenty of illustrations that you can make possible. Putting down a pledge can get your hands on the game for a relatively cheap price, and you should be getting hours of fun out of it.

The Tarot of Loka is built on the traditions of French Tarot and develops this into a trick taking game which can be played by four players with two per team. Cavatore has also removed some of the more complicated mechanics to make it a game that could be played by anyone. This does also mean the game can effectively be modular allowing you to add in more mechanics to complicate the game as you go.

Loka Tarot Box

Leather Bound Pack #1

Leather Bound Pack #2

As you can see you can get the card game in a basic box or splurge a little bit more and get your hands on that very nice leather bound card pack, now that is very swish indeed. There are plenty of videos over on the Kickstarter page for you to watch which delve into the mechanics behind the game and of course all that beautiful art.

I reckon this is a game worth pledging for, what about you?