Lord Of The Rings: Confrontation Re-Release Out Now

December 3, 2013 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games have released their updated version of Lord of the Rings: Confrontation by renowned board game maestro Reiner Knizia. Check it out below!

Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation

Confrontation is a two player game of bluffing and out maneuvering your foes as either the Fellowship or the Forces of Sauron. Each side is filled with characters with special abilities and you have a handful of cards with which to outplay your foe and make your way to Mount Doom.

Confrontation Board

Confrontation Cards

As you can see, the game is an insanely good looking game if nothing else. The artwork is crisp and vibrant and you can see why Middle-Earth is still regularly explored as a theme for board and card games.

Here is what’s different between this edition and the last…

  • The rulebook contains additional clarifications to make the game even more accessible and easy to play.
  • This compact new edition features scaled down bridge sized cards, as well as scaled down character stands and tiles, with new character cards to serve as reminders of character abilities.
  • The game board now has visual reminders, such as character limit indicators and darker mountain borders to help clarify play.
  • It features stunning new artwork for variant game Fellowship characters, as well as for several cards.

I might have to seriously think about putting this on my Christmas list. I have been going a bit Middle-Earth mad of late and this might be a good game for me to try out over the holidays.

Have you played the original?