Lord Of The Rings Online Helm’s Deep Expansion Out Now

November 25, 2013 by brennon

If you’ve been enjoying Lord of the Rings Online for a while now (like me) then you have probably been interested in the new expansion, Helm’s Deep. It might have been slightly delayed by a massive server crash but it’s now available for people to dive in to!

Rohirrin Great Hall


West Rohan

This expansion adds an entirely new region of Rohan to the West and allows you to fight the epic battle of Helm’s Deep against the oncoming Uruk-Hai army of Saruman. From what we’ve seen so far this is actually pretty up there on the epic scale.

If you get your hands on the content but aren’t a high enough level then they have implemented a way for your character to jump up through the ranks and pay these big battles out with your friends who might be. As well as that they have redone the class skill and power trees with a much needed update.

Lord of the Rings Online might not be the megalith that World of Warcraft is but it has a certain charm to it that I can’t put down. I have loved wandering through Middle-Earth and the micro-transaction based pay system might seem crazy to begin with but they have got it working down to a tee.

Have you checked it out yet?