New Saga Expansion For Lord of the Rings Card Game Unveiled

February 7, 2014 by brennon

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game has always told a fantastic story with it’s mechanics and amazing artwork and they are continuing the saga with Fantasy Flight releasing The Road Darkens which tells the tale of The Lord of the Rings from the forming of the Fellowship to its breaking…

The Road Darkens Box

Players will be leaving the safety of Rivendell, traveling the deep roads of Moria and then witnessing madness grip the Fellowship as it breaks shattering the narrative and leaving you wondering how it will all be possible from here. Well, if you haven’t read the books anyway!

The Road Darkens Cards

The Road Darkens Cards

As you can see you get a whole bunch of new cards, 165 of them in fact, which will help you build a party capable of withstanding the lure of power that the ring represents. One of the neat mechanics is the Ring Bearer power that Frodo has, a unique mechanic that must be monitored at all times.

I love that they are beginning to tell the tale of the Fellowship in full, and although they are more constrained in their choice of scenarios they won’t be any less inventive or challenging.

Can’t wait for this one.