Lords Of War’s Kickstarter Resurrects Asul The Bygone King

November 19, 2013 by brennon

The artwork and the campaign as a whole for Lords of War’s Templars Versus Undead is looking great and they have released some awesome images of the undead general, Asul The Bygone King. See what you think of him!

Asul The Bygone King

Now that is some awesome spooky artwork for the Undead. I love when Steve Cox manages to go wild with his artwork and this is one of them. It has a really ethereal feeling about it and almost looks like it’s moving!

“The King of Umbra, Asul the Majestic, lived a blessed existence. His understanding of the world, and that of his advisors, scribes and generals, was illuminated not only by the sun but by burnished copper and gold.

Asul’s courtiers ate well, enjoying the fruits of the world, with spices brought from every continent flavouring their lives of excessive and abundant richness”

If you’d like to read more about Asul then you can go over and check out the update with his story! As well as this chap you can also see artwork for one of his commanders, Volus.

Volus The Defiler

Templars Vs Undead Box Cover

…and the artwork for the box too! I think it’s all coming together very nicely for these guys and if they continue on the right track then they should be funded as the campaign rolls on. It would be great to see another set completed to really bring a new level of diversification to the Lords of War world.

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