Lords of War’s Templars Vs Undead Coming Soon!

April 16, 2014 by brennon

Lords of War had a successful Kickstarter back in December and the Templars Vs Undead set alongside Weather & Terrain is coming out soon. I managed to pick up a pack at Salute this year but a whole host of other Kickstarter rewards are on the way as well…

Templar Vs Undead

Weather & Terrain

I’ll go into more detail about what these sets bring to the game soon but surfice to say they have changed the game in a big way. Terrain is a massive factor now and the weather can make seemingly basic troops quite dangerous. Add in the extra troop abilities and you’ve got a pretty expansive game now.

Mother Superior

King Tetras

Gastus Vile

Chancellor Snov

There are also these rather creepy individuals who have been added into pledge levels as shiny cards that will be just for you. A whole bunch of the Kickstarter orders are heading out as you read this so if you did join in you are soon in for a treat.

I love the artwork for this game and it’s got even better with the new cards. The Undead are some of the best pieces I’ve seen across the whole range.

Are you interested in the new expansion?