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Lost Battalion Games Updates Website & Convention Schedule

210 days ago 1

Lost Battalion Games the creators behind Sergeants the Miniatures Game has updated their website to include Hell on Wheels and their 2017 convention schedule.

Hell On Wheels Vehicles Coming For Sergeants Miniatures Game

454 days ago 9

Lost Battalion Games is bringing vehicles to their Sergeants Miniatures Game.

Rally Around The Flag Hits Kickstarter From Lost Battalion Games

803 days ago 5

Lost Battalion Games is on kickstarter looking to get help funding a new game about Gettysburg in the American Civil War.

Lost Battalions Games Celebrates D-Day With New Board Game

814 days ago 4

Lost Battalion Games has produced a board game for D-Day that uses their card driven mechanic.

Add Some Paratroopers to Your Sergeants Game

977 days ago 2

Lost Battalion Publishing’s Sergeants Miniatures Game has released some new expansion packs for the US Paratroopers.

Add a New Gun Battery for Your Sergeants Miniatures Game

1149 days ago 0

A new expansion set, Merville Gun Battery Terrain comes to Sergeants Miniatures Game by Lost Battalion Games.