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Star Wars Love Letter Is Coming…For Russians Only

592 days ago 8

It looks like all of your hopes and dreams for a Star Wars version of AEG’s Love Letter have been shattered. A million voices are crying out in pain right now. Because of some weird licensing laws the only place they are allowed to sell copies of it is Russia!

Weekender XLBS: FoW Team Yankee Boot Camp Coming Soon!

Weekender XLBS: FoW Team Yankee Boot Camp Sold Out

662 days ago 354

Sit back and relax with The Weekender
XLBS where we’re getting stuck
into a whole bunch of
interesting topics bought
up in the tabletop
gaming world
this week…

Team Yankee
Boot Camp:

Alderac Entertainment Show Off Adventure Time Love Letter

691 days ago 1

Alderac Entertainment are adding another version of Love Letter to their repertoire. Adventure Time is the next property getting the lovely plush bag treatment and it looks awesome.

Wil Wheaton & Friends Play Love Letter & Coup On Tabletop

781 days ago 4

Wil Wheaton and friends played Love Letter and Coup which are two games all about deduction and bluffing. Both of these games might sound a bit weird but they are well worth playing as a nice stop gap game.

Love Letter Heads Off To The Land Of Adventure Time Soon!

817 days ago 3

Will you be won over by this new version of Love Letter coming out of AEG in the near future? Adventure Time has won the hearts and minds of many!