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Witches & Priests Emerge From Lucid Eye’s Savage Core


We’re diving down back into the Savage Core range from Lucid Eye today as we check out some more of their Age Of Ice releases.

Lucid Eye Keep Up Their Intense Release Schedule


New minis for the expanding Lucid Eye ranges

Lucid Eye Give Us A Glimpse Into The Near Future


Lucid Eye has delved into their room of wonders and brought forth some interesting models that are coming in the near future.

Lucid Eye Delve Into Savage Core & Plot Device With Quirky New Models


Lucid Eye Publications has a few new models on the way for you to pick up. We’re going to kick off with their newest Plot Device set which adds to the Suburbanauts.

Lucid Eye’s Corelocks Emerge From The Ice


Lucid Eye Publications has been showing off some new releases for the Savage Core Age Of Ice range. This time they are delving deep and unearthing some of the Corelocks who are looking to take down any interlopers.

Lucid Eye Delve Deeper Into The Plot Device With New Characters


Lucid Eye Publications continue to add new characters to their Plot Device range of miniatures with some amazing new sculpts.

New Strange Pulp Characters Hit The Tabletop From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye Publications have continued to build on their collection of the weird and wonderful with a new character for The Plot Device and some Savage Core: Age Of Ice warriors.

Lucid Eye’s Savage Core Prepares For An Ice Age With New Amazons


Lucid Eye Publications is going to be adding to the world of the Savage Core with some new Amazons. However, these warrior women aren’t your typical jungle dwellers as they’ve had to wrap up warm for winter!

Lucid Eye Welcomes Clinton Shroud To The Plot Device Range


Adding more strange characters to their Plot Device range, Lucid Eye Publications has now revealed the miniature from Clinton Shroud.