Witches & Priests Emerge From Lucid Eye’s Savage Core

January 16, 2018 by brennon

We’re diving down back into the Savage Core range from Lucid Eye today as we check out some more of their Age Of Ice releases. We begin with a Priest…

Cūl The Flay Priest

Cūl The Flay Priest looks like someone who doesn’t particularly care for your confessions. Instead, I’m sure she’d rather carve your heart out and then peel the skin off your body as an offering to the Gods.

I’m sure she is inspiring if she’s on your side and yet terrifying if you have to come up against her.

Witchy Business

Standing against her we have Vahira The Herd Witch who has qualities of Neanderthal and Cro.

Vahira The Herd Witch

She is a dangerously charismatic leader from the sounds of it and her warband have found themselves in a plentiful supply of food and more thanks to her actions. She appears to have killed some mighty beasts as well and used its head as her mask from the looks of it!

What do you think of their new Savage Core releases?

"Cūl The Flay Priest looks like someone who doesn't particularly care for your confessions..."

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