The Macrocosm Ticks & CDF Factions Added To Kickstarter

September 18, 2015 by brennon

The Macrocosm team have surprised us all with the additional of two extra core ‘sets’ to their Kickstarter. The Malignancy get some very alien looking Ticks and then we also have a whole new faction, the Colony Defence Force (CDF)…

The Tick Brood

If you’re looking for a dangerous set of alien beasts that will be crawling around in the sewers then this could be the addition to the Malignancy that you need.

Malignancy Tick Brood

I love that they’ve gone forward and shown off exactly what infests the cities of Macrocosm, turning humans into the Malignant drones that they have become. The big fellow looks the best I reckon!

Defence Force

Squaring off against the Tick Brood we have the City Defence Force who are probably going to end up being the first line of defence against the oncoming Ticks as they burrow out of the ground and start infesting the city.

Colony Defence Corps Squad

Colony Defence Corps House

These models came out of nowhere but it’s a welcome addition to the Kickstarter. They have been doing well with their funding level, steadily gaining more pledges as the campaign comes to an end. With just over a week left hopefully we’ll see some more exciting sculpts soon.

Would you go for the CDF or a Tick Brood?

"With just over a week left hopefully we'll see some more exciting sculpts soon..."