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The Space Police Come To Lay Down The Law From Mad Robot

49 days ago 3

Taking a look towards a future release we have the Space Police preview from the folks at Mad Robot Miniatures. Now, these guys look like they know how to lay down the law…

Mad Robot Brings Some New Weapons & Masks To The Table

105 days ago 3

Mad Robot has added some more fantastic kitbashing options to their collection. Change things up with some awesome 28mm masked heads and wicked bats to put the hurt on!

Mad Robot Helps You Customize With New Driver Arm & Legs

143 days ago 1

With all the great vehicles that are out there, why not customize the look of its driver? Mad Robot Miniatures has new driver arms and legs on the way for you to kit-bash to your heart’s content.

Kit Bash Like Crazy With New WIP Head Sets From Mad Robot Miniatures

167 days ago 3

Mad Robot Miniatures is busy bringing you more options to kitbash to your heart’s content. Check out the latest WIP’s for two completely opposite head sets.

Mad Robot Is Showing Off A Sweet New Ride

195 days ago 3

Mad Robot Miniatures has just released their first Motorcycle Kit! Now you can kit bash your minis with a sweet 28mm sportster style bike.

Mad Robot Miniatures Teases With New Mounted Kit Bashing Bits

265 days ago 3

Mad Robot Miniatures has left a whopper of a teaser image out on social media today. Looks like there will be some new Mad Max-ish, mounted biker options on the way!

New Desert Themed Kitbashing Bits On The Way From Mad Robot

281 days ago 3

If you’re looking for a way to customize your 28mm Desert forces, then Mad Robot has you covered with their latest kitbashing bits They have a great variety of heads, bodies and even heavy weapon chassis to change up the look and feel of your armies.

Four New Head Options For Kitbashing From Mad Robot Miniatures

542 days ago 4

If you’re looking for easy ways to kitbash your minis to customize them for your games, then Mad Robot Miniatures has you covered. This week they have released 4 different, 28mm head options to change up the way your minis look.

Mad Robot Miniatures Release The Sons of Chaos Range

618 days ago 3

Are you a fan of Sons of Anarchy AND miniature war gaming? Mad Robot Miniatures has the perfect answer to add some biker flavor to your favorite miniature games with their Sons of Chaos line.

Join A Biker Gang With Mad Robot Miniatures

693 days ago 6

Ever wanted to join a biker gang? Well, with these upcoming Sons Of Chaos heads from Mad Robot Miniatures you can use them for a variety of your modern day brawlers and maybe some of the more specialised military units out there…

Mad Robot Rally Their Shocktroopers For Action

742 days ago 4

Mad Robot Miniatures have shown off a preview of their Caipari Urban Shocktroopers that should hopefully be available next week. See what you think of them…

Build Your Own Command Squad With Mad Robot Miniatures

877 days ago 2

See if Mad Robot Miniatures can take control and command your men into battle with a new Command Squad. A Gideon Main Battle Tank will then support them come the summer time!

The Lykan Sawtooths Stalk The Lands Of Mad Robot!

1039 days ago 5

Head to a feral world somewhere at the distant edge of the galaxy and hire these Lykan Sawtooths for your mighty army.

The Jovian Hammers Bring Extra Brute Force to Your Table

1109 days ago 3

Looking for extra muscle for your table? Mad Robot Miniatures has just what you need with their Jovian Hammers! These 44mm heroic, customizable minis will bring the force you need.

The Colonial Defence Force Gets Shipped Off By Mad Robot

1179 days ago 16

See what you think of these surly looking Colonial soldiers coming out of Mad Robot Miniatures. Are they suitable for your bug and alien stomping?