Arcane Wonders Offers Novice Wizards Training In Mage Wars Academy

June 18, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Arcane Wonders coming from a successful Origins convention has stepped up their universe for Mage Wars, with a new play format. With the new set called Mage Wars Academy.

Mage Wars Academy

Academy Setup

Which takes all the best parts of the original game and There is no game board that players are familiar with and no movement. There is only face to face wizards and the best that the respective wizards spell tomes have to offer.



Arcane Wonders is offering pre-ordering and pick up at GenCon. If you do pre-order you can receive two special edition cards to include in your set.  Dawn played Mage Wars last year at GenCon and we bought the starter set. I do believe we will be pre-ordering this to pickup at GenCon.

Do you like card games such as this?

"...streamlines it for faster play and portability."