Day Discovers Magic’s Douchiest Deck

May 30, 2013 by dracs

Felicia Day recently starred as a guest vlogger on Geek and Sundry vlogs and in her vid she talked about a new geeky discovery which has her in its clutches; Magic the Gathering.

Felicia Day vs the White Deck

Ah I remember when I opened my first booster pack. The feverish hunting through for cool cards, the meticulous need to categorise them all and then to boast about the rare ones! The shiny syndrome is strong in this one.

Though I have to say I never before thought of the white deck as “douchy”. I guess if the white deck are arrogant jocks it makes the black deck goths. What are blue, green and red?

Geek and Sundry are still looking for guest vloggers so if you have something geeky to share why not let them know.