More of the Dragon’s Maze Begins to Appear

March 28, 2013 by dracs

The Dragon’s Maze set for Magic the Gathering is fast approaching and another set of artwork has appeared to get us all hyped.

In Dragon’s Maze the guilds must send forth a champion in a contest for control over Ravnica. Here are just four of those chosen to represent their guild.

Borel of the Hull Clade Simic's Champion

Lavinia of the Tenth Azorius' Champion

Mirko Vosk Mind Drinker Dimir's Champion

Varolz the Scar Striped Golgari Champion

Guildgates play an important role in the Ravnica block. We have already had Guildgates appear in the previous sets and in Dragon’s Maze we will be getting a new set with all new artwork.

Azorius Guildgate

Orzhov Guildgate

Rakdos Guildgate

As usual the artwork for Magic the Gathering is simply stunning, you cannot look at these images and not be impressed by the quality of work.

Now more than ever I want to see what the rules will be like for the new cards and see what tactics can be made from the new additions. My Orzhov will triumph over the Dragon’s Maze!

Dragon's Maze

Which guild do you play? What sort of changes are you hoping to see?