Magic Cards Ya Gotta Love

August 30, 2012 by dracs

Hey guys as some of you may know I have been really getting into Magic the Gathering lately and while browsing through the list of cards I came across some seriously awesome ones. So I thought why not share them with all of you?

Here are 6 of my favourite cards, one from each of the colour categories in the new Magic 2013 core set.

Let’s start with the Black mana’s Shimian Specter.

Magic the Gathering - Shimian Specter

Now at four mana, two of which must be Swamps, Shimian Specter isn’t the cheapest card to cast, while its relatively low power and toughness means it can’t take or deal out much pain. But check out that special ability! In one move you will be totally removing a specific type of card from almost your opponent’s entire deck! That has to hurt, especially with decks that focus on swamping you with a specific creature.

For Green mana it of course has to be Elderscale Wurm.

Magic the Gathering - Elderscale Wurm

Green decks can often be quite slow as you try and grow your creatures up to the size where they can cause some serious damage. This can often leave a Green deck open to some early pain from faster decks, such as Red ones. Elderscale Wurm saves you from this problem by essentially freezing your life total at 7, thereby giving you the time to build up your creatures. He is, however, really expensive to cast meaning you won’t be able to use him in the early stages of the game. Still, gotta love him. Best part is, I have this card!

For White, while there are other cards I really like I decided to go for Rhox Faithmender for the purposes of this article.

Magic the Gathering - Rhox Faithmender

This guy is a useful addition to your deck. Stick him in a life gain deck and your healing abilities and spells are instantly doubly effective. Life gain decks are frustrating enough to deal with without doubling the amount of healing to often insane levels.

For Red it had to be the Mindclaw Shaman.

Magic the Gathering - Mindclaw Shaman

This guy might not be the most effective of the M13 Red cards but he can be so fun to play with. His special ability allows you to cast a instant or sorcery from your opponent’s hand without having to pay the mana cost! This may be a bit of a wild card, given that you can never be sure what’s in their  hand, but the look of frustration on your opponent’s face when you get to cast one of their most expensive spells against them, which they have been patiently waiting to use, has got to be worth it.

My favourite for Blue is the most expensive of the cards I have chosen here.

Magic the Gathering - Stormtide Leviathan

Stormtide Leviathan effectively prevents you from being attacked by most creatures. Only those with Flying or Islandwalk are able to attack. Of course the downside is that this effects your creatures too. That’s why a good idea would be to couple this card with Master of the Pearl Trident.

Magic the Gathering - Master of the Pearl Trident

This guy might not seem that effective, but coupled with Stormtide Leviathan and some other Merfolk and you have a force to be reckoned with. Not only does it give the Merfolk Islandwalk, allowing them to attack after the Leviathan is summoned, but the Leviathan will turn all the opponent’s lands to Islands as well, making your Islandwalking merfolk unblockable.

Finally we have the artefacts. Now the obvious choice for this would probably be Akroma’s Memorial.

Magic the Gathering - Akroma's Memorial

However, I decided to go with a card which has been a favourite of mine since M13 first came out. Stuffy Doll.

Magic the Gathering - Stuffy Doll

This guy is just the ultimate blocker. Indestructible, it sends any damage it takes right back at your opponent. On top of this, if it doesn’t look like anything else is going to hurt him he can deal a little damage to himself. But I think the reason I love this card so much is the artwork. Come on, that guy is brilliantly creepy! He looks like if one of the things from that film 9 really let itself go.

So there we have it guys, six of my favourite cards from this latest iteration of Magic the Gathering. Now it’s time for me to issue you with a challenge. What tactics can you think up for these cards? Can you come up with a deck list using any of them? Are there any cards you think I should have chosen instead and if so why? Get commenting guys.