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Wyrd Games’ New October Releases For Malifaux Include Mighty Beasts

4 days ago 10

Wyrd Games have shown off the new releases for Malifaux players this month. The focus is on some large beasts that will be tearing their way through crews.

Take The Transdimensional Express Throughout Malifaux

18 days ago 8

How does one get about in the steampunk world of Malifaux? By the Transdimensional Express of course!

October Means A Rotting Harvest Painting Contest From Wyrd

22 days ago Comments Off

October is here, and that means it’s time for another Rotten Harvest Painting Contest from Wyrd Games! There is of course, loads of Wyrd gift certificates on the line for prizes so why not have a go and do your worst – errrrr best?

New Malifaux Deployment Mats From Deep-Cut Studio

27 days ago 3

Now you can set the perfect scene for your Malifaux game with the added convenience of easily identifiable deployment zones with the new playmats from Deep-Cut Studio.

Wyrd Games Announces Divergent Paths Global Campaign

60 days ago 2

The world of Malifaux is about to get even busier with the announcement of Wyrd Games’ new global campaign, Divergent Paths. In September, players will be able to participate in a huge campaign for one of the coolest steampunk games out there.

Customeeple Reveal New Malifaux Terrain, Bases & Tokens!

78 days ago 9

Come and explore the extensive range of new Malifaux Terrain, Bases & Tokens by Customeeple!

Wyrd Preview The New Faction Line Up For Malifaux Ripples Of Fate

82 days ago 7

Wyrd Games will soon be bringing out the new source book for Malifaux, Ripples of Fate. With this will come new masters and minis for all of the factions, which Wyrd have started to publish previews for.

Weekender: Mantic Historical Gaming & We Want Tabletop Robot Wars!

Weekender: Mantic Historical Gaming & We Want Tabletop Robot Wars!

94 days ago 88

We discuss the potential of Mantic
stepping into Historical Wargaming
& want to fight out Robot Wars
on the tabletop

Wyrd’s Bringing The New Malifaux Ripples Of Fate Book To Gen Con

96 days ago 6

Wyrd Games is bringing all their best toys to Gen Con in 2 weeks! Players will be able to pick up all the new crew boxes, the Miss Model, and of course the new Ripples of Fate Malifaux source book- and lots more.

Wyrd Games Shows Off Their Seven New Malifaux Crew Boxes

98 days ago 20

Wyrd Games has released images of all 7 new crews, featuring the new Masters they’ve previewed over the past weeks. There’s definitely something for everyone in these sets, no matter which faction you prefer.

Weekender: Thinking With Portals; Hobby Lab Challenge Ideas & Getting Groovy With The Evil Dead 2 Board Game

Weekender: Hobby Lab Challenge Ideas & Getting Groovy With The Evil Dead 2 Board Game

101 days ago 52

We announced winners for Shattered Void and Infinity Week as well as diving into our ideas for Scatter Terrain and the Hobby Lab Open Challenge!

Wyrd Shows Off New Guild Nightmare Box – The Wild Ones

105 days ago 13

If there’s ever been a reason to try out a new crew in Malifaux, Wyrd Games has announced the best one ever! This year’s Gen Con Nightmare Box is for the Guild- The Wild Ones and they look like TROUBLE.

Wyrd Games Shows Off Their 2016 Miss Model – Miss Fire

111 days ago 4

Each year Wyrd Games treats it Malifaux community to a special, Miss Model, and this year the Arcanists win the prize! Miss Fire will be available at Gen Con next month as well as online, and is ready to blow some things up on your table.

New Penny Dreadful One Shot From Wyrd On DriveThru RPG

112 days ago 1

Now you can explore Wyrd Game’s Through the Breach RPG through the eyes of the Ten Thunders in their latest Penny Dreadful One Shot, Honor Among Thieves. You can pick up these quick and easy One Shots At DriveThru RPG to hop right into a game.

A New Gremlin Master Zips Into Malifaux

119 days ago 3

If you run a gremlin crew in Malifaux, then you are going to love the new master they’ve announced is on its way in Ripples of Fate. Ripp is a jetpacking wrecking crew, ready to do his worst (or best) for your gremlins.