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Is An Executioner Above The Law? The Latest for Through The Breach


It would seem the Guild of Through The Breach are getting a new killing machine- a human one. The Executioner is a new advanced pursuit heading into the RPG world of Malifaux in Wyrd’s latest expansion, Above the Law.

Wyrd Oopsie Becomes Holiday Bonus In Winter Wonderland Box


In a Wyrd twist of fate (see what I did there?), they discovered an issue with the Alternate Rasputina sculpt for the Winter Wonderland box in the Black Friday sale. To make things right, Wyrd is adding another model to the box!

Weekender: Win A Battle Foam P.A.C.K Mini & Gangs Of Rome On The Horizon

Weekender: Win A Battle Foam P.A.C.K Mini & Gangs Of Rome On The Horizon


This week, we talk Gangs of Rome from Footsore Miniatures and have a great Battle Foam Giveaway.

Malisaurus Rex Looms In Wyrd’s Latest Penny Dreadful One Shot


The latest Penny Dreadful One Shot for Wyrd Games’ Through the Breach RPG takes us into the Wildlands, in Jurassic Faux. The seems the elusive Malisaurus Rex is hungry…

Rasputina & Crew Get Festive For The Holidays In Malifaux


Looks like some of the Arcanists are getting a new look for the holidays! Check out the Alternate Rasputina box heading this way from Wyrd Games for their Black Friday sales!

Bad Things Happen With Wyrd’s New Malifaux Companion App


It’s never been easier to keep your Malifaux crews and stat cards organized. Wyrd Games has just launched their all new Malifaux Companion App for iOS and Android.

Wyrd Make Friends With The Bureaucrat Career


Another new career path is opening in Wyrd’s Through The Breach. Get ready to make some friends as a Bureaucrat.

Take A Shot At Through The Breach As A Malifaux Marksman


Wyrd have previewed another of the new professions coming to Through The Breach in the Above The Law supplement; the eagle-eyed Marksman.

Your Pumpkin Carving Skills Could Win You Prizes From Wyrd


Wyrd Games is getting in the Halloween spirit with a good old-fashioned pumpkin carving contest. Carve a Wyrd theme into a gourd of your choice in their Get Gourd contest to win spooktacular prizes.

Wyrd Turn You Into A Commander For Through The Breach


Wyrd have stepped away from their miniature games for their latest preview to take a look at a new pursuit for the RPG Through The Breach. It’s time to take control as a Commander.

Wyrd’s Monday Preview Shows Off The Medical Automaton


What could be more innocent than a robot nurse? Check out the Medical Automaton for the Arcanists of Malifaux, heading this way in Broken promises.

Take A Peek At Malifaux’s November Releases From Wyrd


We looked at what’s available for Malifaux this month from Wyrd Games, and now we move on to look at what’s coming in November for this awesome game.

October Welcomes New Eccentric Characters To Wyrd’s Malifaux


Wyrd Games has released some cool new models for the world of Malifaux this month beginning with the fantastic looking Nekima leading the way.

The Bayou Smuggler Is Sneaking Into Malifaux


It turns out the Bayou in Malifaux is full of earning potential, at least if you’re the Bayou Smuggler. Check out this “harmless businessman” in the Gremlin territory.

Wyrd Launches Global Malifaux Campaign Homefront October 2nd


Get ready to represent your favourite faction in Malifaux in the next global campaign from Wyrd Games, launching October 2nd.

It’s A Doll’s Day At Wyrd As Hinamatsu Steps Onto Malifaux’s Stage


For their Monday Malifaux preview, Wyrd have unveiled one of the upcoming minis for Broken Promises; the jealous doll Hinamatsu.

Wyrd Piece Together The Malifaux Bone Pile


Wyrd Games have published their latest Malifaux preview, a Bone Pile pieced together from the Ressurectionists’ left overs.

Cute Critters & Monsters Coming To Malifaux This Month


Getting thrown into the mix for Malifaux this month we have a bevvy of awesome releases. This kicks off with the monstrous Cyclops from Wyrd Games…

Yan Lo Returns For Malifaux’s Monday Preview


Yan Lo, one of the first masters for the Ten Thunders to have appeared, is getting a new look in Malifaux with Wyrd’s latest art reveal.

Don’t Follow Wyrd’s Adze Into The Light In Malifaux


Wyrd Games has another creepy looking creature to throw into the mix when it comes to your games of Malifaux. Here is a preview of the Adze…