Cute Critters & Monsters Coming To Malifaux This Month

September 14, 2017 by brennon

Getting thrown into the mix for Malifaux this month we have a bevvy of awesome releases. This kicks off with the monstrous Cyclops from Wyrd Games


I really like the look of these monstrous foes and they appear like they might be a set of miniatures for Malifaux which don’t need a surgeon’s eye to put together! The coursing magical energy across their bodies and the colour scheme from the artwork would be fun to see come together.

Next up we have some Union Steamfitters who are embracing technology and using it to create interesting contraptions for the tabletop.

Union Steamfitters

These tinkerers have a nice cheeky quality to them which is cool and I think the characters look nicely original, apart from some of the existing humans we have for the range. The poses have also been drawn directly from the artwork which is always nice to see.

Next up we’re embracing the weird with these Gremlin Criers who no doubt make quite the racket and get into all sorts of trouble on the tabletop. I think I’d probably try and drown out their particular proclamations with a few stern shots in their direction.

Gremlin Criers

Last but not least we have my favourites from this particular set of releases with the Tanuki. They are absolutely adorable and while I’m sure they are quite happy to get drunk and enjoy some food they probably shouldn’t be underestimated either.


What do you make of this selection and are you on board with me in saying that the Tanuki are clearly the best of the bunch?

Let me know in the comments below…

"They are absolutely adorable and while I'm sure they are quite happy to get drunk and enjoy some food they probably shouldn't be underestimated either..."