Dead Or Alive, Alt-Lazarus Is Coming To Wyrd’s Malifaux

January 21, 2018 by dracs

Wyrd Games have released an alternative take on one of their popular Malifaux mercenaries. The one-time guardsman, now killing machine Lazarus.

Alt Lazarus

Lazarus was at one time a regular Guardsman, who volunteered to have his soul put in a new machine as part of a Guild experiment, with the understanding that they would return him to his normal body.

And of course, we all know that the Guild is incredibly trustworthy, right?

Alt Lazarus

This Alt Lazarus is only available from Wyrd’s Guilder store. Here, you can spend special currency you get from attending Henchmen run events on exclusive miniatures.


I like this alternative version a lot more than the previous model. The new one seems a bit more human and alive, while the regular sculpt looks a little static by comparison.

Which version do you prefer?

"We all know that the Guild is incredibly trustworthy, right?"