Delve Into New Miniatures For Malifaux March Madness

March 3, 2014 by brennon

A new wave of miniatures is on the way from Wyrd Miniatures for Malifaux 2nd Edition. This is quite the neat looking selection so make sure you gather up your soul tokens to pick them up this March.

Flesh Construct



Lone Marshal

Monks of Low River


Once again that is an awesome bunch of plastic miniatures that while fiddly are going to look impressive on the field of battle. I was talking with a few friends about Malifaux yesterday and they were looking at the figures while also bemoaning how hard it was to stick hair onto one of the Hired Swords women.

I think of the selection above for March either Fuhatsu with his darkly comic gun toting or the Monks of Low River have my vote. Admittedly Teddy is simply awesome and does remind me of the Hunter: The Reckoning game where you have to kill off a darkly possessed teddy in a church.

Some more awesome models for Malifaux?