Malifaux Article – Getting Started!

April 10, 2013 by crew

Having been a Malifaux player since it took its first baby steps into the hobby community, the one question that everyone poses to me is this:  How do I start?
A question that has plagued new hobby enthusiasts for aeons and still does to this day I shall answer for all to see.
Malifaux Logo
One of the first things posed to you as a new Malifaux player is, which faction do I start with? So what you need to decide for yourself is how you like to play war-games and what kind of strategy you would like to follow.
The Guild are the “law” in Malifaux, stalwart and strong, they focus on being able to do a bit of everything. Jacks of all Trades if you will.
The Resurrectionists are the undead of the system, applying their dark knowledge of the arcane to reanimate the dead to serve them.
Dr McMourning
The Arcanists are heavy magic users and machinists, who like nothing more than to throw fire, ice or lightning at the enemy or have an army of mechanical monsters tear them limb from limb.
The Neverborn are the original inhabitants of the world of Malifaux and are nightmares brought to life, using their superior willpower to destroy their foes.
Finally The Outcasts are just what they say on the tin, the mercenaries, who synergize with other factions since they can be hired by others, as well as being able to gang up together to make strong crews themselves.
Once you have decided either which models you like the most, or which faction you like the feel of, you can work on strategy to help you to bring your gang to victory on the fields of battle.
The creators of Malifaux, Wyrd Miniatures, have done a very good job of creating balanced and fair starter box sets for their game which is the best place to start for any new player. So this is the place for your first model purchase, grab yourself a starter box for the faction you like the most.
The Red Chapel Gang
The Red Chapel Gang
Constructs of Order
Constructs of Order
The Hag's PuppetsThe Hag’s Puppets
A helpful “pro” suggestion for when you get your first crew is to laminate your character cards. This not only provides great protection for the card, but it also allows you to mark off health points with a dry wipe marker, rather than use dice or more counters in the game.
Steampunk Abomination
Some, but not all, of the starter boxes will come with one already, but if your starter box doesn’t come with a Totem, this is what your next purchase should be.
Scales of Justice
Totems do a fantastic job of amplifying the abilities of your master, as well as providing a new set of skills and abilities for your other crew members to interact with.
At this point, you will have played a few games with your friends and other hobbyists and have got a feel for the game and how you like to play. This is your chance to really go crazy and expand your crew to the 25 soulstone threshold, which is about the size of your average game. This is where you would refer to your rulebook to find the next model(s) you can add to take your crew to this 25 stone point limit.
Synergistic models that enhance your crew and their skills will be the most practical method to improve your game. For example, if you are using The Viktorias as your masters, the next step would be to pick up the model Vanessa, Treasure Hunter as she synergizes very well with the already potent “cruise missile” powers The Viktorias already possess.
Viktorias Avatar of Slaughter
Hopefully this has helped you decide, or made your decision easier with choosing your first crew, but always remember the golden rule of gaming. HAVE FUN!
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