More Malifaux Coming This Summer Soon-ish!

June 22, 2014 by brennon

Malifaux is backing big strides to look awesome this summer with a great selection of miniatures coming out in the month of July and beyond. See what you think of Wyrd’s upcoming characters!

Bayou Gremlins

Bete Noire

Canine Remains

Desperate Mercenaries


Guild Guard



So that’s an awesome looking set of miniatures for a whole range of different factions in the game. My friends have been going absolutely mad about the Guild Guard, the Molemen, the Mercenaries and of course the brilliant Bayou Goblins. Who can say no to some awesome Goblins!

My friend made me like them even more when he pointed out that they treasure clothing so much that they believe it bestows them with special powers. So all their leaders are decked to the nines with awesome outfits!

I think I need to start Malifaux.