Malifaux Factions Episode 1 – The Guild

April 17, 2013 by crew

So you have settled on your faction and you have decided on the strength and courage that comes with being a member of the law of Malifaux. The long arm of the Guild. In this scripture, I’ll be delving into the cogs and gears behind the masters of this fine faction and helping you to settle on the master you’ll be taking to lead your crew through the horrors of the streets of Malifaux. As a play style, the guild like to be able to achieve their goals no matter the cost and to reflect this, the guild practically has an answer for most opposition.
To open this read, let’s first turn to the heavy hitter of the bunch, the blind lady herself, Lady Justice.
The Lady is a fine starter master for beginners as she is very lenient to mistakes and has an easy tactics set to establish. Lady Justice is the head of the Death Marshalls and she operates with them very effectively. A melee master, the Lady augments and buffs her crew to push their melee expertise through the roof while providing a lot of utility when fighting against the Resurrectionists. When played effectively, Justice can cut a literal swathe through the enemy while her crew mop up the remains. Backed up by a moderately effective ranged ability, the crew Lady Justice leads, knows what its good at, and it does it well.
Death Marshals
So it stands to reason that if the guild has a master who can be a whirling dervish in combat, they must have a master who can pop the wings off a fly from 500 yards. Therein lies the power of Perdita Ortega and her family of western sharpshooters.
Perdita is the polar opposite to Lady Justice and her crew maintain the same association. The Ortegas like to shoot things, and shoot them in abundance. They have a powerful ability that as a family lets them deliver powerful “Alpha Strikes” during the game which few other masters in the game can combat. Packing some of the finest ranged weapons in the game, as well as some of the craziest models “fluff” wise, if you like to throw bullets and dynamite around the battlefield, the Ortega family is the crew for you.
Papa Loco
Now we’ve covered a master of melee and a gunslinger of legend, this time were covering the arcane in the form of the master of immolation, the magic used, Sonnia Criid.
Sonnia Criid
Criid is a powerful wielder of the aether winds and uses her destructive fire magic to put her enemies to shame. An expert at both casting magic and countering it, Sonnia’s crew is very effective at her role on the battlefield. She has the ability to summon new minions during battle from killing her enemies which is always a benefit when you’re running low on lackies to throw into the fray. Although not considered to be an easy master to run for newer players, Sonnia’s learning curve is highly rewarding and can bring a truly awesome power to the battle.
Witchling Stalkers
Guns, swords and magic. Sounds pretty good so far right? Anything jumping off the page? Well Hoffman is telling me he needs his introduction now.
C. Hoffman
Hoffman is a little different from the rest of the Guild’s masters because he doesn’t like to use guns, swords or magic much. Instead he likes to have his friends do all the work for him. His friends I hear you ask? They would be the 15 foot mechanical monsters standing beside him.
Mechanical Attendant
Hoffman enjoys constructing and maintaining a crew of robotic killing machines to help him achieve his goals. With a small ranged and melee capability, Hoffman is a utility master who keeps his machines in tune and tinkering while they tear his enemies to pieces. Finally, the newest addition to the Guild is the western horseman himself Lucas McCabe.
Lucas is a hybrid master who likes to sit on the fence between a ranged master and a utility master. On his trusty steed, Lucas is one of the fastest masters, if not the fastest, in the game. Powerful and fast, he leads a crew of ruffians and explorers who like nothing more than walking up behind their enemies for a delicious knife in the back. As a master, McCabe can be an interesting choice as he is a unique model being the only mounted master available thus far. Keeping his enemies locked in place with his trusty net gun then running them down from horseback, Lucas takes much pleasure in a very hit ‘n’ run tactic set.
So that’s it for this instalment, I hope that I’ve given you a good idea as to which master you feel closest too and will suit your playstyle most. Keep an eye out for the next segment which will cover the Resurrectionists faction and their affiliation with raising the dead.
Keep those cards hidden and remember,
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