Plan Ahead & Take A Look At Wyrd’s February Malifaux Releases

January 12, 2017 by brennon

Wyrd Games look ahead to February and show off what’s on the way when it comes to Malifaux. Let’s take a peek!

The Pen Is Mightier

Leading the way into February we have The Pen Is Mightier, a selection of journalists who are looking to uncover the truth as to what is happening in the world of Malifaux. I love the theme here that’s carried throughout the crew, especially The Printing Press machine in the middle.

Phinoa Gauge looks like she might have a problem that can only be solved with cold hard steel, however. I think this set might be one of those that gets you drawn back into the hobby!

Following on from this set we have the Swine-Cursed.


One would assume that these are a pair of Gremlins who maybe dabbled in the wrong magics and ended up getting turned into these boar-like creatures instead. As long as your name one of them Bebop that’s fine!

Finishing things off for the models we also have the Yokai who continue a theme of animalistic creatures.


These certainly seem like they’ve been drawn out of Far Eastern mythology and in fact, they are known as the spirits, demons and monsters from Japanese myth. The types of creatures this covers is wide but I reckon they’ve hit the nail on the head with these blue critters.

What do you think of these February offerings?

"I love the theme here that's carried throughout the crew, especially The Printing Press..."