Wyrd Miniatures Updates Colette and Mannequin

February 23, 2015 by deltagamegirl22


It is time again, for another update on upcoming releases from Wyrd Miniatures. This time they are giving us a peek into an update to Colette DuBois and her Mannequin. This is very exciting especially for me as this was my first set for Malifaux.


Little did I know it is also one of the more complicated sets to play with all the synergies associated with the faction. From the computer renderings she looks incredible and I cannot wait to see her in person. I have been so happy with the direction Wyrd has taken with 2nd Edition and the new all plastic sets.

Children Of December

I currently have a Children of December – Rasputina Box Set and the scuplts are lovely. I am hoping we can present more Malifaux here on Beasts of War, as we saw how much interest it has gathered lately.

Will you go through the breach and enter the world of Malifaux?